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Media Denying that Ancient Mexican Artifacts Prove Existence of Aliens – England Lives

Media Denying that Ancient Mexican Artifacts Prove Existence of Aliens

England Lives
January 30th, 2018

tfw it turns out you were right all along.

I’ve noticed a trend. I know that is something only bad goys do, but I couldn’t help it.

The trend I’ve noticed is that whenever the mainstream media titles a story in that smug, arrogant way “No, x did not y”, then the thing they are trying to denying is always true.

This is as true as any rule you can name.

They literally always do this.

“No, Trump couldn’t win the presidency.”

“No, Mexicans aren’t raping people.”

“No, Muslims aren’t terrorising anyone.”

“No, Sweden isn’t suffering consequences of it’s immigration policy.”

“No, Britain can’t survive outside the EU.”

“No, Jews are not controlling the media”

“No, women don’t lie about rape.”

“No, white people are not being genocided.”

Every time, it’s like their “fact checkers”, which are merely lackeys who slavishly agree with everything a liberal says, and even when they are clearly lying, they find a way to go “but what they actually meant was… and that is arguably true if you forget to carry the one, so yep, truth.” Similarly, they just find some way to interpret what you said as something else, and then falsify that strawman, if you are in any way sticking up for white people or doing something that might help white people. The ‘fact checkers’ are merely bias checkers. The only use they provide is to further confirm that the media is one big lying machine pushing an anti-white agenda.

But anyway, now we have a new obviously-trying-to-get-you-to-drop-the-issue headline.

“No, Ancient Mexican Artifacts in New Video Are Not Evidence of Aliens Visiting Earth”

Now, immediately, if someone says that to me, I’m like “huh? what?” because it’s just so weird to deny something like that straight off the bat. It’s like saying “yes officer, I can tell you where I was last night, I was at the Ramada Hotel, but I didn’t stab those hookers and I didn’t do cocaine off of the coffee table.” Leaping ahead 6 million questions like that is always suspicious.


Artifacts reportedly discovered in Mexico have once again sparked alien conspiracy theorists to spread the news that there’s now “proof” that the foreign creatures exist.

The rumors began to circulate after a video posted to YouTube went viral that shows photos of various sculptures unearthed in Mexico. The YouTube account UFOmania posted the video on Thursday, and it has since been viewed more than 123,000 times.

Notice how they go straight in with their journalistic language, telling you it’s bullshit before showing you the evidence, so you see it through their jew-goggles. Conspiracy theories… Proof (in quotation marks)… This is a key tactic of theirs, to put their filter over reality so that you see what they tell you to see and are unable to interpret anything otherwise. This is often called NLP (neuro-linguistic programming).

Those who believe that aliens are somewhere out there have suggested that either aliens constructed the artifacts in the video or humans made them after having close encounters with extraterrestrials.

“Many will know the Klaus Dona Artefacts. There are Tons more where they came from. More and more locals and farmers are showing their private Artefacts,” the video is captioned. “Fortunately they did not give their Artefacts to the Smithsonian Institute and the like for further Analysis.”

Many social media users were quick to question the objects and their integrity.

“If they are confident that their [sic] relics of aliens why did they not get examined by the Smithsonian,” one user commented on the video.

Yeah, why didn’t you give these artifacts over to the experts who mock and ridicule you and deny everything you say even before they have seen it?! What possible reason have you got not to trust the establishment?!

“Assuming these are genuine artefacts [sic], these are probably not depicting aliens,” another user wrote. “Depicting humans with exaggerated features is something people have been doing for a long time. It’s called caricature.”

How objective. Their argument is “if we saw these depictions everywhere, that would prove there are NO aliens. It would just prove that we like to do artwork with exaggerated features.” But of course if the opposite were true, and no depictions existed, “see, goyim, no one has ever seen these aliens.” Why are they making such silly arguments?

This isn’t the first time that theorists have suggested aliens constructed ancient Mexican objects and structures. Some extraterrestrial believers think aliens also crafted the country’s holy city of Teotihuacán, a famed archaeological site, National Geographic reported. But they have no evidence to back up their claims.

However, that’s not to say the site’s origins aren’t mysterious. It’s unknown exactly who built the ancient city, according to the History Channel. Scholars have some idea of how it got there though, none of which involve aliens. They theorize that either the Toltec civilization built the city or immigrants that flocked to the region after a volcanic eruption constructed the region from the ground up.

The jig is up. That’s when those “eurgh. Sigh. NO silly goyim. X isn’t happening” headlines come out. When it’s already too late. Juncker has already admitted it.

And that shifty faggot Obama looks even more like he is trying to hide something here than usual.

Although he is a nigger, and the last thing anyone in the deep state would do with knowledge of aliens is give it to some loudmouth coon who will instantly go and tell Shaquan and Latisha that “there be aliens n sheeit.” So maybe we can disregard that evidence. Notice I am being objective and not just saying “it’s true” or “it isn’t true” before showing you the facts. That’s one of the key ways to tell they have some agenda in telling you these things mean nothing. They must be covering for some sort of lie. Why else would they mock such an inconsequential belief?

I’ve never really been bothered about whether there are alien life forms or not. I think I will care one day, when we have rid the planet of Jews and are drawing up plans to conquer galaxies.

At this point I will be like “yo, so are there aliens or what?”

But for now it’s not something I’m concerned about. What does concern me is when Jews say “Goyim, here are some conspiracy theories for you to make sure you don’t believe.” What are they pushing this narrative for? What trick are they trying to pull? The Jew media only reports on things to tell you what to think about them before you have a chance to make your own mind up. If it is something they can just pretend is not happening, that is what they will do. That is what they did with Rotherham, and with Cologne, and continue to do with non-white crime every day. They just go “well, lets just not talk about this unless it becomes absolutely necessary to tell the Goyim not to believe it.”

This aliens shit certainly falls into that camp. They could easily be like “fuck it I ain’t commenting on that whacky shit. It’s beneath us to get involved in insane internet kookery.” Yet they feel the need to come out and dictate your opinions to you on this. Whenever the media does that it is to push some Jewish lie. That, is very interesting.

It’s definitely time.