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Belgian Comedienne Drops Ultimate Red Pill – England Lives

Belgian Comedienne Drops Ultimate Red Pill

England Lives
February 3rd, 2018

Some French bird has been a bad goyim.

She did the ultimate evil of all super-evil evils.

She told a holocaust joke.


A public broadcaster in France is in hot water after airing a prime-time joke about the Holocaust. “What do sneakers and Jews have in common? They’re more common in 39 than 45,” blonde Belgian comedienne Laura Laune said.

France 2 aired the joke by the winner of the 2017 season of the French version of ‘America’s Got Talent’ in its 8pm news journal on Friday. The profile report on Laune described her as an “angel-turned-demon,” highlighted her growing popularity on the stand-up comedy scene in France. She was also praised for her “ingenue looks” and signature “unfiltered humor.”

Six million Jews were killed in the Holocaust during World War II, which began in 1939 and ended in 1945.

Six million minus two-and-a-half million equals six million, goyim bigots.

Laune’s joke about Jews gained little applause on stage and drew criticism from the social media community.

“Public broadcaster: They sell the boldness of a joke by a woman on the Holocaust while they kick out Tex for a joke about women,” Gilles-William Goldnadel, a prominent French-Israeli lawyer, tweeted.

The comedian Tex, whose real name is Jean-Christophe Le Texier, was fired from France 2 last month after joking about domestic violence against women during an appearance in a show on the private C8 channel in November. “What do you tell a woman with two black eyes? Nothing, someone tried to explain things to her twice already,” Tex said.

Popular French radio and television presenter and writer of Tunisian origin, Cyril Hanouna, also blasted the French broadcaster for airing the Belgian comedienne’s joke.

“@ France2tv allows anti-Semitic jokes to go on air. Is it OK???” he wondered.

“Boycot Laura Laune. A vile anti-Semitic racist!” another person wrote on Twitter.

“A total, absolute banalization of the Holocaust that is subliminally presented by Laura Laune during a cool fun night. The meaning is clear (cognitive psychology) – Laura Laune is totally anti-Semitic. Would France2tv condone this despicable behavior?” another person said.

Laune’s manager, Matthieu Clee, said his client “has nothing to reproach herself about.”

This French slut must have known the joke she was making. I mean, women are socially intelligent. They have an incredibly keen instinct.

In the age of ‘there is no such thing as an unbreakable taboo’, there is one unbreakable taboo. That is the showers which were not really showers but actually gas chambers where 6 million Jews thoght they were showers but they weren’t realy showers.

That is the one thing that must remain sacred forever.

Women know this. They know this more keenly than men, because it appeals to their nature as an animal that must seek social approval in order to survive. These sort of rules are embedded in every woman’s unconscious as things they have just picked up on so that they can parrot them and people will like them.

So she knew this was going to get MASSIVE negative attention onto her. So why would she do it?

  1. She’s a shock-jock.

This is a male thing. Girls aren’t really into the ‘look at me I’m edgy’ thing. It’s more ‘look at me I fit in’ with them. Even female comedians tend to have a very low shock value. They also aren’t actually funny but that’s beside the point.

2. She wanted massive negative attention as a way to troll her way into fame.

Again this makes no sense for a woman to do. A woman always has so many options to attract positive attention to herself. It’s not in a woman’s interest to turn against social norms of the time and draw the ire of the establishment. It’s basically suicide for a woman to do that.  If she wants to get famous there are much easier ways for a woman to do that such as blowing Jew media moguls and just flirting with the right people. There are thousands of famous women. Literally none of them have any real talent beyond maybe a couple of singers who are good. But female comedians, writers, actresses. They all suck (incidentally, the fact that they SUCK) is why they get famous in the first place). So having no talent doesn’t stop all these women just getting a pussy pass to the top of society.

So we come to option 3, the last option, and the only one remaining.

3. She’s dropping a massive 4-d chess redpill.

That’s the only possible motivation here. Women can get money without doing things that will cause Jews to kvetch and ruin their careers (and believe me, her career is ruined now. Strangely, people who insult Jews never seem to do well in TV and media careers). Women can get fame and attention for just being sluts, so there is no need for them to go up against the Jews. Her motivation must be something else. She is ‘doing a Trump’. That is where you say something outrageous on a topic that has a lot of bullshit said about it, to get everyone talking on the topic, and then by talking everyone starts going “wait but isn’t this all bullshit?” and thus a mass awakening occurs.

Look at these numbers.

Unless they were counting the a Jew made into 7 lampshades and 14 bars of soap as 21 Jews, something is seriously amiss here.

Because of her joke, lots of people are going to look this up. If she said “YO EVERYONE THE HOLOCAUST IS WRONG IT NEVER HAPPENED” people would just reject it off hand because it contradicfts everything they have been taught. But if you make a joke and they go “oooooooh *teeth drying sound* that’s not really appropriate, lets talk about the population of Jewry before and after the war” then people will come to the conclusion on their own that the holocaust is a Jewish hoax. She is clever. This is the sort of trick that comes naturally to a woman.