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Darren Lionheart Osborne – England Lives

Darren Lionheart Osborne

Ludwig Maximilian
England Lives
February 4th, 2018

Darren Coeur de Lion. Warrior for England.

Sir Darren’s sentencing has been a kangaroo court from start to finish.

It was destined to be this way; he fought for his race in the eternal struggle against the Kikes and Pakis.

One day he will be honoured for defending the land and heritage of Albion as a knight of Holy Justice.


Islamophobic extremist Darren Osborne will spend at least 43 years in jail for his attack on Muslim worshippers.

The unemployed 48-year-old deliberately drove a hire van at a crowd leaving Ramadan prayers in Finsbury Park, north London, on 19 June last year.

He was handed a life sentence, with a minimum term of 43 years, for killing 51-year-old Makram Ali and injuring 12 others.

As he was taken down at Woolwich Crown Court on Friday, Osborne said: “God bless you, thank you.”

This man never stood a chance in the courts.

He’s been made a scapegoat by the Kike system.

Before Darren rammed these pakis one of them collapsed and it turned out he was suffering from a heart attack but the media and courts obviously ignored this today.

Darren the lionheart rammed the crowd that was standing over this dying kebab and surprise surprise the paki that was dying died.

Now they call him a murderer.

Darren the Lionheart murdered no one!

Mohammed Alheartattack died from complications relating to his inbred name but somehow Darren was at fault for this. The media is desperate to make him look a murderer it’s all propaganda.

You know, there was a time when mowing pakis down to save your race and nation was considered a good thing. People still tell folk tales about those great men. It’s heartening to know England is still producing such knights of English honour. We can presume Darren Osborne would have ridden a gallant steed into the Paki filth if it was at all logistically possible.

Even if it was murder that in no way justifies a sentence of at least 43 years when you consider that he wouldn’t have done it if these people hadn’t invaded our country, but then you realise Darren is white so that automatically gets him a sentence multiplier.

6/7 of the September tube bomber suspects are free.

Thomas Mair the man who killed labour traitor Jo Cox was given a whole life order (never released under any condition).

The Manchester attack had 22 arrests and every single person was released, not one person has been punished for that crime.

Starting to see a pattern?

Terrorists who target innocents are released without charge or serve 20/30 years if they are unlucky.

I find it amazing how Darren the Lionheart has got 43 years yet the Rochdale paedo ring were mostly released and only two charged, and those two served only a quarter of what Darren is, for systematically raping children.

If you’re white and had enough of terrorists guess what! You’ll be in jail until your dead.

Who’s behind all of this though?

“Well goy it’s not me is it, keep scrolling goy.”

Anytime in history apart from now men like Darren the lionheart would be honoured by their state so why not now? Well its not patriots running the show.

The media have turned this into an absolute circus blaming groups and people I’d consider Alt Lite such as Britain First and Tommy Robinson.


Osborne’s trial heard how mobile phones and tablets found at his family home revealed multiple searches for English Defence League (EDL) founder Tommy Robinson and Britain First deputy leader Jayda Fransen.

Osborne was also said to have read articles on Lee Rigby, the British Army soldier killed in a terror attack in 2013, and used a search engine to ask: “Which party wants to bring back the death penalty?”

On Friday, London mayor Sadiq Khan – whom Osborne had expressed a hope to kill – said: “I think we need to think about how it is possible for somebody to be radicalised by extremists, whether it’s the far-right, or those who are inspired by so-called Daesh, or so-called Islamist groups.

“We need to make sure we root out those extremists that are grooming and radicalising people to embark on the road to terrorism.”

The media has twisted the above and said he actually had direct contact with Tommy Robinson and Britain first but what actually happened is this:

Darren Osborne was signed up to Rebel Media’s mailing list along with one million others hence the “direct contact” with Tommy Robinson.

The Jewish fucks really expect the public to believe that the EDL founder planned this! Absolute joke.

You can hear it from Tommy yourself with this video.


You know what actually made him do this, BBC?

The widespread rape of thousands of children by these kebabs and the constant cover-ups by our pussy government.

We have all had enough of this bollocks and you know what…

Darren Osborne is a hero!

Fuck the pakis! They shouldn’t be here and neither should their terrorist-preaching mosques. They got a taste of their own medicine and it was joyous.