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‘Women Don’t Lie About Those Sorts of Things’ Ch. 1 – England Lives

‘Women Don’t Lie About Those Sorts of Things’ Ch. 1

England Lives
February 4th, 2018

To have any respect whatsoever for what comes out of a slut’s mouth, is to be in total denial of reality.

These whores will just lie whenever it suits them. If you catch them out in a lie they will claim you are attacking them, to get beta white knights to protect them.

The argument known as NAWALT (Not All Women Are Like That) is not only wrong (women are products of social conditioning, so if something is being taught or allowed by society, then yes, all women will absorb that and use it to their advantage) but it is entirely irrelevent. The fact of the matter is women lie about rape, just like they lie about everything.

“Women don’t lie about those sorts of things” will now be a weekly feature where the conniving, dishonest nature of modern women will be put on full display. The point is not that we should hate women per se, and I don’t know anyone who has ever made that argument. People who pretend that is what this issue is about are dishonest and just looking for some cowardly way to virtue signal.

Funnily enough, white knight, that pussy you defended is now going to a man who knows how to keep his bitch in line.

These sneaking, skulking, shameless defenders of female behaviour are pretending not to understand what is right in front of their own eyes. That’s what is so goofy about all of this. They see these women behaving like tarts and constantly lying for sympathy and they just go ‘naw my fair maidens are virtuous and wholesome’. In 2018, there are people who defend this.

Women do not respect men who pretend to think that a woman is capable of having something interesting to say. Those guys who go out of their way to keep up this retarded facade are the most pathetic, anti-masculine, no=pussy-getting fags on the earth. That’s because women know these men are full of shit, and trying to connive them into bed with gratification. They know this on an instinctual level and it is a complete turn-off for them to see a weak, self-deprecating man talk such horseshit to appease them rather than tell them to pipe the fuck down.

It’s never been about hating women per se. It’s about recognising that women have a function, and when they don’t perform that function, all of society becomes completely fucked. Our race won’t just get a free pass from nature. Nature will allow us to die if we don’t sort our shit out and put the effort in to surviving. This is just a plain fact of the universe. Nature doesn’t care about your rights or your priviliges or your blue hair. A woman’s job is to harbour the next generation and give life to new people. When they don’t fulfill that function but instead want to invade public society and generally make everything stupid and ineffective, then you should hate that.

You have a duty to hate things that threaten the survival of your people. Modern entitled women, and the society that props up their lies and their dysfunctional behaviour, is not some silly game. It can appear that way because it is so stupid, but in reality the whole of our race is at stake here.

If these whores don’t get beaten into submission and forced to be our brides and to bear our children, then the white race is done for.

What sort of prick responds to this obvious statement of fact with “yeah but their feelings tho…”?