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Identity Europa Use Banner to Warn Visitors to Highly Enriched City – England Lives

Identity Europa Use Banner to Warn Visitors to Highly Enriched City

England Lives
February 5th, 2018

Identity Europa continues to do great work. In 2017 they played an important role at the various college campus and statue-defense protests.

They also have my eternal respect for the work of their former leader, prophet of White Sharia and Esoteric Manletism, Nathan Damigo.

Nathan “Thotcrusher” Damigo.

They are now continuing that work by warning people when they are entering a diverse zone, and are at risk of being enriched against their will.

San Francisco Examiner:

A white nationalist group that decried the not guilty verdicts in the Kate Steinle murder trial hung a “danger” sign over the Bay Bridge on Sunday morning as a warning to commuters that San Francisco is a sanctuary city.

Identity Evropa, a white nationalist organization with ties to the Bay Area, called the banner a “public service announcement” in a post on Twitter. The banner read, “Danger — Sanctuary City Ahead” in capital letters.

“San Francisco is a dangerous sanctuary city where the law does not apply to illegal invaders,” the group tweeted. “Enter at your own risk!”

Where’s the lie tho?

It’s unclear whether the banner was taken down as of noon.

On Friday, Interim Mayor Mark Farrell reiterated San Francisco’s position as a sanctuary city for undocumented immigrants amid scrutiny from the federal government and President Donald Trump.

“We will not cower in fear to an administration that opposes San Francisco’s values and ideals,” Farrell said in a statement. “We will remain a home for hardworking immigrants in search of a better life. I am committed to defending and supporting our City’s longstanding sanctuary policies.”

Who said anything about opposing your values? All they said was ‘yo be careful because this place offers sanctuary to criminal illegal aliens.’ All the Trump administration has said is ‘illegals have no right to be here’. So unless their ‘values and ideals’ is based on making sure that white people fall victim to brown violence as often as possible…

Farrell issued the statement after the U.S. Department of Justice sent letters on Wednesday to nearly two dozen cities including San Francisco requesting documents on sanctuary city policies in an attempt to show that the cities are running afoul of federal law.

In response, City Attorney Dennis Herrera said San Francisco’s sanctuary policies do follow federal law.

“Okay what we do goyim is we take illegal aliens who are here illegally, and let them do illegal things which are illegal, but at all times we follow the law.”

“San Francisco prioritizes using our limited law enforcement resources to actually fight crime, not break up hardworking families,” Herrera said in a statement. “We leave it to the federal government to enforce immigration law.”

“We can’t break up these families, silly white goy. That would be cruel. Instead you will have to let them run gangs which rob you and rape your daughter and turn everything dangerous and shitty. Cruelness averted thanks to the Jews yet again. You’re welcome.”

By limiting local law enforcement cooperation with federal immigration officials, San Francisco aims to encourage cooperation between undocumented immigrants and police investigating crimes.

Last December, Identity Evropa helped set up a memorial for Steinle after a San Francisco jury acquitted an undocumented immigrant of murder and manslaughter charges. City workers removed the memorial after Steinle’s parents asked the late Mayor Ed Lee to take it down.

Identity Evropa was founded in Oakdale, Calif. by a white nationalist named Nathan Damigo, according to the Southern Poverty Law Center. Damigo was one of the organizers behind the deadly white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Va.

“America was founded by white people. It was founded for white people. America was not founded to be a multiracial, multicultural society,” Damigo is quoted as saying in the New York Times.

“Deadly white supremacist rally.” It’s really crazy how they try and bring up that fat bitch who got mowed down by James “Dodge THIS” Fields every time they talk about white nationalism. I mean, they are willing to make their writing seem clunky as hell just to jam that point in there. And that’s coming from someone who says ‘I mean,’ all the time in his writing.

Why not just be like “Identity Europa were the bringers of DOOM in Charlottesville, where the earth parted and Satan sprang forth from the depths do encourage them in their dastardly deed, playing the grim reaper to Heather Heyer when they sealed her eternal fate as the harbingers of mortality.” At least that would be entertaining writing.

But this “deadly white supremacist rally” crap is cringey. It’s like describing a 2nd amendment rally as ‘the gunful protest’ or a feminist march as ‘the ovarian agenda’. It’s a really stupid way of saying it. But of course they have to keep reinforcing the idea that we just go round killing people for no reason, when that is in fact exactly what all these mongrel races do.

Also, what is up with the ‘v’ in ‘Identity Evropa’?

It’s time to admit defeat on that one and just do a formal public apology for trying to force us to accept a ‘v’ as though it was a ‘u’, and go to spelling the word properly.

I mean, Identity Evropa… There’s no way i’ll ever stop hearing ‘ev-ropa’ instead of ‘yoo-ropa’ when I see that. We aren’t living in the age of stone carvings when ‘u’s were hard to mark. Stop this shit. Stop it now. If yov aren’t convinced of this point jvst imagine that everyone wrote like that all the time and think how vnbearable that wovld be. Exactly.

Other than that, good work, Identity Europa. Keep it up. Apart from the ‘v’ thing. Do not keep that up.