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Now that it Turns Out Whites Wuz Kangz All Along… – England Lives

Now that it Turns Out Whites Wuz Kangz All Along…

England Lives
February 11th, 2018

For years the Jews have been suppressing our secret ancestral greatness. But finally a team of scientists has uncovered the truth.


It turns out that telling us the whole time that ‘whites have no culture’ and ‘were civilised by blacks’ was a conspiracy and a hoax. We are in fact Black Africans, and therefore are entitled to claim lineage from a rich culture of Wakandan Kangz.

Here are some things that can now happen because we blew the cover off of the Jewish conspiracy to deny us our black heritage:

  • We can now use word Nigger. Thats OUR word.
  • We can now attack the police and have society defend us for doing so.
  • We can now rob everyone and claim endless welfare and have society defend us for doing so.
  • We can pretty much do anything we want and claim it is because of slavery.
  • Jews are the last white people left, so we can use the fact that they have white privelege as a justification for genociding them. What’s good for the Jews is good for the Cheddar.
  • We can reinstate the Black and White Minstrel Show as a national pastime as it turns out we are only mocking our own ancestors which is obviously allowed.
  • We can demand people call us something and then a few years kater demand they call us something else. This can continue in perpetuity as with ‘nigger-negro-darkie-blacks-coloureds-couloured people-people of colour’. I am proposing that we begin with demanding we be called ‘Cheddars’ and then slowly transition to ‘people of Cheddar’. As a PoC myself i will not stand for any racist mislabelling by Jews and encourage resistance.
  • We can now be allowed our own countries. Now that we are black Africans the same rules apply to us: it’ll be Congo for the Congolese, Kenya for the Kenyans, and England for the English! After all it is only white people who cant have their own countries. Nasty jews will need to be held to account for the vicious lie that we were white which they perpetrated for millenia, spreading it in our schools and through the media. We will also need to do something about that all-white country called Israel.

Cheddar Man will be a defining moment in our history. The Kanglish people can now rise up against the black genocide we have been suffering and embrace Cheddar nationalism.

Our anthem shall be (to the tune on the Horst Wessel Lied):

The cheese on high, the milk not yet digested,
The Kangz of old, made Albion their own,
Blue eyes and kinky afros in our hearts are nested,
Bix nood we cry, as in the age of stone.