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Germany’s Biggest Loser Martin Schultz Just Became an Even Bigger Loser – England Lives

Germany’s Biggest Loser Martin Schultz Just Became an Even Bigger Loser

England Lives
February 12th, 2018


What do you do when you are officially crowned Germany’s Biggest Loser? ‘Something other than losing’ is the obvious solution, and it’s a pretty broad one, too.

Just do anything at all, except lose some more. But for the Jew Martin Schultz, he has gone and said “you wanna see loser-ish behaviour? I’ll show you loser-ish behaviour” and proceeded to one-up his own loser-ship-ness.



Facing internal challenges and a lack of confidence from his own Social Democrat (SPD) party, former European Parliament president Martin Schulz has resigned from his post as Foreign Minister just 36 hours into Germany’s new ruling coalition.

Schulz announced his resignation Friday only a day an a half after he was appointed to the ministerial position as part of the new grand coalition deal between the SPD, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s Christian Democratic Union (CDU) and the Bavarian Christian Social Union (CSU) Kronen Zeitung reports.

Merkel is now in her 4th term of openly leading Germany in an effort to destroy the German people. But this guy manages to get even the Germans pissed off to he point where he didn’t even last two days in this role.

It reminds me of the Rohingyans, who have managed to make Buddhists violent and yet claim they dindu nuffin.

According to his resignation letter, Schulz cited internal disputes within the SPD as the reason for his actions. ” I hereby declare my renunciation of joining the Federal Government and at the same time sincerely hope that this will end the personnel debates within the SPD,” Schulz wrote.

Sigmar Gabriel, former leader of the SPD and former Foreign Minister commented that many in the party had been “disrespectful” to Mr Schulz.

Many within the SPD, who only a year ago were massively supportive of Schulz, turned against him when he quit his position as chairman of the party to take up the Foreign Ministry position on Wednesday. Others, like the youth wing of the party, have repeatedly come out against any coalition deal with Angela Merkel.

Kevin Kühnert, the leader of the Young Socialists, continues to protest the coalition and have reportedly sought the help of the left-wing Momentum campaign from the UK. Momentum has been a subject of controversy both in and out of the Labour Party. Earlier this year one of its members made headlines for calling for the execution of U.S. President Donald Trump.

Late last year Mr Schulz commented that he expected a “United States of Europe” by 2025 and after being named Foreign Minister, many expected this to be a core part of German foreign policy within Europe. The departure of Schulz has led some to question whether or not Germany will still pursue the same kinds of increased federalisation of the European Union.

Yeah, this guy is a real Jew’s Jew. Just openly “we are going to enact the Coudenhove-Kalergi plan and adopt all the tenets of the Frankfurt School.” In general German politics is just those two things followed to the letter. Jews are like “we are going to do exactly those things, but if you talk about it it’s a conspiracy theory.”

German politics is a Jewish anti-German machine. Check out this kike Gregor Gysi campaigning on a platform of ‘replacing the ethnic Germans with refugees.

I said in my article about Schultz being ‘crowned’ Germany’s biggest loser that it’s the one insult you can’t ‘own’. You can’t be like ‘yeah I’m a loser thats my thing’. But that appears to be exactly what he is trying to do. Just make himself into ‘that guy’ who is at least known for something, even if it is being a loser. But where will that end up? While guys on the right continue to look like winners and balanced, sensible people, Jews and leftists are like “show how special you are by being as dysfunctional and unattractive as possible.”

And they expect to win over the next generation with this message? This message of ‘you are evil, and we are going to genocide you, and not offer you anything as an incentive for doing so.’ Jews are really losing it.

Kids, don’t follow the Jews, they are L-O-S-E-R losers.