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Police Hunt ‘Asian Man’ who Tried to Rape 10-Year-Old in Broad Daylight – England Lives

Police Hunt ‘Asian Man’ who Tried to Rape 10-Year-Old in Broad Daylight

England Lives
February 13th, 2018

All the problems associated with multiculturalism are going to disappear when Muslims are the majority. They only rape 10-year-old girls in broad daylight because of racist Brits and intolerant white people.


Police have stepped up patrols after a man allegedly tried to rape a 10-year-old child in broad daylight in Manchester.

The suspect approached the girl on Saturday afternoon after she had become separated from her friends, and tried to rape her on “open land” in the city’s Openshaw area, according to Greater Manchester Police (GMP).

The primary school pupil managed to escape and asked a dog walker for help. Police carried out a search, and extra officers are now patrolling the area but the offender remains at large.

He is described as being a man in his 20s “of Asian appearance”, with a slim build, and was wearing a dark coat at the time of the attack.

Greater Manchester Police are expected to make more details available Monday afternoon.

Detective Chief Inspector James Riley, from GMP’s City of Manchester team, said: “What happened to this young girl is understandably very upsetting and specially trained officers will continue to support her in any way they can.

“Parents and neighbours will be concerned and we have stepped up our visible police patrols throughout the coming days and nights. If you do have any worries then please feel free to approach them and they will try and assist.

“I also want to stress that we are doing everything in our power to find the man responsible for this and a dedicated team of detectives are working round the clock.

The thing is, how can you ever find these people unless someone hands them over (which of course their Muslim brothers and sisters never do, but in fact give the safe harbour as in that Belgian terrorist who just went back to his Muslim enclave and carried on his business undisturbed, or pretend they didn’t see anything as with the Pakis in the police force in Rotherham, Rochdale, and many other towns, who don’t see this sort of thing as a problem when it’s their guys doing it).

“We can confirm that our brothers dindu nuffin, and those racist white slags deserved it. Praise be to ALLAH.”

What are you going to get as a description? Brown skin, beard, greasy hair. That’s literally all of them. Even the women.

There’s no way to pursue beyond that. It relies on someone who knows him personally i.e. one of his fellow peaceful Muslim rape gang members, to turn him in. If this little girl sees him around and points him out to her father, it will be the dad who gets arrested.

The price of multiculturalism. Worth it to avoid being called racist?

“So far we have a number of witnesses who are being extremely helpful, while we will also be continuing to knock on doors in the area to see if anyone else saw anything suspicious.

“Extensive CCTV is being examined and I can confirm that we haven’t received any other reports of this nature in the area over the weekend.

“With the help of this brave girl and the community we have a good description of the attacker and if anyone recognises it or recalls seeing a man matching that description in the area, then please call us.”

The only reason Pakis groom children and brand their backsides with an ‘M’ for ‘Mohammed’ is the racist hatred of Brits. Because White British people are so evil to these pakis, they have no choice but to do these things.

Stop racism NOW. The solution is obvious: More Muslims. Only then will they feel welcome and comfortable in our home and then the rapes will stop.