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Clean Your Room vs. Neets Rise Up – England Lives

Clean Your Room vs. Neets Rise Up

England Lives
March 9th, 2018

This is totally fucking unacceptable.

Say what you want about Jordan Peterson, but there is one thing he has said which is fucking brilliant.


The whole ’empowerment of the individual’ shit is a dead end faggot-tier message. Your goal should be to empower your people, and to strengthen your nation. But actually the way to achieve that is to be the best version of yourself that you can be.

Godwinson discusses the idea here.

But the thing that Godwinson misses is, we have so little control in this modern world, we can’t rise up under the oppression of messy rooms. As men, our natural role is that of authority: over families, and as respected members of the community. Now our women are trained to be proud single sluts, so we can’t start proper families, and the Jews run our communities in a way that destroys us and we don’t get a say in the matter.

But if you are going to stop it, you are going to need to have your shit together. You aren’t going to be playing vidya in your room one minute and then retaking the Holy Land the next. We have been trained to relinquish all control. Just eat what you want, watch crap on telly, it’s all cool bro, just smoke some weed and be yourself, you’ll find someone.

It’s a total hoax. You have to organise your shit to cultivate a feeling of power and control from which to build a better version of yourself. THERE IS NO CORNER CUTTING. It’s simply impossible to master difficult things without building that foundation by moulding your immediate surroundings to a functional arrangement.

This is an environment that relieves stress, rather than creating it.

That’s why it’s so much fun to stay in a hotel. Everything is tidy and organised.

You have to exercise control as much as possible in order to train that manly instinct. Everything about you will be reflected in your environment, and everything about your environment will be reflected in you.

If your room is messy, your mind will be cluttered and disorganised. Organising your physical space is a powerful way to put your mind into alpha mode. Be extremely pernickety. Don’t just go ‘right, books over here I guess… pens on the table cos that’s where I write…’ get it PERFECT. Put the books (or vidya game cases if a true NEET) in alphabetical order and categorise them. Put your pens IN A POT. Get a coaster for drinks. Get a basket to put dirty clothes in and put clean ones away, folded. Your room should be an expression of your attitude to life. And your attitude to life should be “I’m the boss, and I’m gonna make everything around me work for my best interests.” Anything else is just submissive and gay. “I’ll see if it fixes itself… I’ll get to it tomorrow… I will work around it…” is passive and not becoming of a man.

Disorganisation is a weakness. Weaknesses are enemies. Real men do not work around their enemies. They smash them.

It sounds silly to say “you will not progress as a person and the white race will be doomed unless you tidy your room” but that really is the truth. Every lad should be taking control of his environment and making it fit his idea of what he wants it to be like. Things should be where you can find them and where they will be useful to you. Not just strewn about so you have to step over them to get into bed.

Jordan Peterson is a prophet of Esoteric Tidying and if you get your immediate environment into a FUNCTIONAL arrangement, the spiritual gains will be massive.

This ‘overturning the world’ thing that we are trying to do, order requires you to be at your best. You need to be sharp and feel in cotnrol of your stress levels in order to give your best in life. Man’s job is to create order out of chaos. Organise your shit and be a boss in the little ways first (such as cleaning your room) and you will be ready to take on bigger challenges. Try and cut corners and you will come unstuck.

A human soul is like a fractal. Whatever state it is in is reflected at every level. You can’t cheat in small areas. There is no ‘zoomed in’ or ‘zoomed out’. There is no big or small. There is just you and the state of your mind. If you don’t organise your shit then that lack of control will cuck you all throughout your life until you solve the problem.

You can gas the kikes after you clean your room! Not before!