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Italy: Tommy Robinson Delivers BRUTAL KNOCKOUT to Invading Chimp – England Lives

Italy: Tommy Robinson Delivers BRUTAL KNOCKOUT to Invading Chimp

England Lives
March 9th, 2018

BOOM! Lights out darkie!

Angered by Sargon’s rise to power as future King of the English ethnostate, Tommy went on a SHOCKING RAMPAGE, hunting down blacks on the streets of Rome to deliver justice with his fists of stone and assert himself as the warrior King of Anglia.

Tommy gave this nigger a DRY SLAP.

Tommy went full cockney geezer on this unwanted African and punched him so hard he has since voluntarily signed up for slavery in the cotton fields of Virginia.

Watch this coon crumble under the weight of the glorious right hand. It had the weight of England behind it.


That niggers jaw is still spinning. Good work Tommy.