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2017: Birth Rate Drops in Western Countries – England Lives

2017: Birth Rate Drops in Western Countries

Diversity Macht Frei
March 8th, 2018


The stats for 2017 are up and the news for the birth rate in western countries (or Russia for that matter) are not good.

There is not a single european (or western, for that matter) country with positive birth rate. This means that there is mathematical certainty that european people will disappear, if they do not change their behavior and have more children. This means that white people will disappear even if immigration is stopped, and therefore even Eastern Europe, which does not allow immigration, can not survive.

In 2017, an already negative TFR has further decreased in most western countries.

Clearly, urgent measures are needed to stop this – more children, and a full stop of non-white immigration and race mixing. Our ruling elites know very well about these numbers, but they decided to betray us, and “fix” the problem with more immigration. Bear in mind that the real birth rate of european women is actually lower, because the numbers here include the birth rate of muslims, blacks, hindus, gypsies, mestizos, maoris, and other minorities living in Europe and the West.

Total Fertility Rate:

Anythning below 2,1 is not enough to sustain the population at stable level and leads to declining population. In the event of race mixing, you may need even higher number. Non-european countries, demographic groups or continents are added for comparison. Total Fertility Rates includes those of minorities unless stated otherwise.

> 2,1 expanding population
= 2,1 stable population
< 2,1 declining population

You need a bit more than two to sustain the population at one level because more boys than girls are born and because of infant mortality/child mortality issues. In the case of emigration (out of the country), race mixing, or high children mortality rate you may need more than 2,1 in order to sustain certain population group at one level.

And now the numbers:

Sweden down to 1,79 for 2017 from 1,85 for 2016
Iceland 1,71 from 1,74
Denmark 1,77 from 1,79
Finland 1,485 from 1,57
Norway 1,62 from 1,71
Belgium 1,68 from 1,73
Netherlands 1,6 from 1,65

France 1,85 from 1,89
UK 1,79 from 1,8
Germany 1,59 from 1,5
Austria 1,51 from 1,53
Switzerland 1,48 from 1,55
Portugal 1,36 from 1,3
Spain 1,34 from 1,33
Italy 1,34 from 1,34
Australia 1,79 from 1,81
New Zealand 1,81 from 1,87
USA 1,79 from 1,82
Canada 1,6 from 1,6

Russia 1,66 from 1,76

Bear in mind again that the actual white female TFR is lower than that of western countries due to the presence of minorities.

Whites are 50 % of new children born in the US and New Zealand and 60 % of new children born in France.

Meanwhile TFR of jews in Israel has increased from 3,11 to 3,16. TFR of israeli jews in 2001 was 2,59, so whatever is ailing the West is not affecting Israel, jewish TFR is actually increasing there and is close to that of muslims in Israel (3,29). The global TFR of muslims is 3,1, of africans – more than 4. The TFR of the EU is 1,58. Of the World – 2,4

Written by Passer by