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The Merit “Trap”: Feminism vs Talent – England Lives

The Merit “Trap”: Feminism vs Talent

England Lives
March 10th, 2018

The whole ‘the job/university place/whatever should go to the person who is best for it’ A.K.A. the merit argument is really just a hoax.

It’s the same sort of confused logic people use when they say “their should be one test for everyone to become a fireman, women shouldn’t get a free ride or have to do fewer press-ups.”

Listen dickhead, they are women. So what if they can do 50 press-ups or run a mile in 6 minutes (or whatever the test may be). They are just a woman with exceptional press-up and running abilities (for a woman, that’s still not exceptional for a man).

It’s a halfway house that is a gay position to take: “okay I’ll sacrifice my principles, but I only want the gate half open…”

Women should not be fighting fires, or involved in military combat at all. That is not their function. That is not the thing they are created to do.

The ability to create and nurture life is a sacred gift and a duty – it is unique to woman. ‘…but how many press-ups could she be doing if she wasnt having kids’ is not an acceptable response.

The best analogy here is this:

Lets say you have a hammer which you bought to hammer nails in. But it is a clawhammer so it has a couple of sharp(ish) edges on the rear side. Does that mean you should now use it to spread butter? No. It’s not a knife. It’s a hammer. It’s job is to hammer nails in. Go get a knife.

But wait, the butter knife is sort of hard and grippable. You could probably just about hammer a nail in with it if you really wanted to. So therefore you should use your butter knife as a hammer and your hammer as a butter knife. > Chick logic.

We are not in a world where butter knives or hammers are hard to come by. You just go and get the correct tool for the job at hand and then each thing is doing it’s proper job and it works.

We are also not in a world where men are hard to come by. It’s a little known fact that around half of people are men. So the fact that some woman can just about pass the fitness tests, or seems like she is smart in business dealings, or whatever jobs women think they are entitled to do, there is ALWAYS a man within about 500 yards who can do the job better.

Imagine a world where you just used any tool for any job even though better ones were obviously available. You just imagined the 21st century. It’s retarded, yes. But women are retarded. That’s what you need to understand. If you measure them by male standards, they are retarded.

Case in point, here is the ‘worlds strongest woman’ Jill Mills getting beaten in an arm wrestling contest by just random guys.

When she can’t win the thing she is supposed to be amazing at she just cheats and that’s somehow funny to her.

Jill Mills represents why women shouldn’t be allowed to do anything outside the home. Literally nothing. This woman is the best woman in the world at being physically strong. She is beyond exceptional for a woman in terms of strength. Yet she can’t beat an average guy, so she just cheats. That is what women do. They connive their way round their lack of ability and just get by on a mixture of looks/bullshit/you can’t criticise women cos it’s mean.

Okay they are probably gym-bros but this is the world’s strongest woman and more than half these guys make light work of her. That goes to show that even very exceptional women are still worse at a man’s job than pretty much every guy you could pick off the street.

The ‘merit’ argument was always a dishonest argument, so it’s not surprising they are now saying “I don’t care if I’m not qualified, grrl power don’t manshame me! I need 8 days off a month when it’s my period you male pig.”

The merit argument has often been used as a silly argument against affirmative action (“don’t give him the job because he’s a paki… give it to the best candidate, and if he’s a paki, great!”).

Our jobs should go to OUR people. Our society and our institutions are our creation. Therefore all jobs should go to one of us in our own country. Our people will ALWAYS be the best, because they are us.

Saying someone else could be entitled to our jobs or a woman could be a fireman if she can pass a fitness test, is like saying “this woman who gave birth to you could be your mother, or there is all these other women who could be your mother.” Obviously the person who gave birth to you is your mother, no one else will be right for that job. And in the same way our society must only ever belong to us. Each of us has a place in it, it may be important or it may be small, but it’s OUR place and must never go to one who is not of us.

Maybe if we were in some situation were there were NO men so you literally had to make do with women doing these jobs. Like if every single man was away fighting a war or something. But we aren’t in that situation. We have men everywhere and there is no need to allow women into the workplace to confuse the issue with their period problems and narcissism. Their function is to fulfill feminine roles. That will always be the appropriate job for them.

A woman having a skill (in comparison to other women) doesn’t change her function any more than a hammer is a suitable thing to spread butter with.