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“Likely to Insight Hatred”: Brittany Pettibone Rejected with Pidgin English – England Lives

“Likely to Insight Hatred”: Brittany Pettibone Rejected with Pidgin English

Diversity Macht Frei
March 12th, 2018


Look at the pidgin English in this letter denying Brittany Pettibone leave to enter the UK. “as you stated in your interview, I have reasons to believe” … “your boyfriend Martin Sellner speech”, “your boyfriend have in his possession”, “likely to insight tensions”. Is the immigration office now run by “asylum seekers” or alien ethnics likely to see the “far-right” as racial or religious enemies?

This reminded me of an article that appeared in the Times a few years ago in response to a suggestion that more brown-skinned people be appointed to the judiciary.

I was called to the bar in 2006 and, as a British woman of Indian descent, I can hardly be accused of racism. So I perhaps feel freer to speak than some of my colleagues. But what we all see is the same thing: the race card being played in recruitment to legal firms and to the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS).

The frustration and resentment this generates is aired in private. In the pubs near chambers you often hear tales of friends finding themselves up against lawyers who can barely speak English and are unable to grasp complex points of law.

 A judge told me that he and his colleagues were scared to criticise for fear of being told “you have commented on my sub-standard English because I’m not English”. So the issue is boxed away in a corner and it is a shame because the whole system is suffering.

…It is not so much at the bar but at the CPS, though, where there is a real problem. The bar is at least independent but the CPS is much more directly connected with the government and has to be seen to be a fair employer. Some of the CPS propaganda material is hilarious. It has gone so overboard in an attempt to be fair that you have to search hard to try to spot the white person in its illustrations.

In London, at least, the organisation seems to be stuffed with people from ethnic minorities.

It is worrying when you ring someone up about a case, often a serious one, and you have trouble understanding what they are saying. Or you get skeleton arguments or documents drafted that simply make no sense and are written in pidgin English.

In a system responsible for the administration of justice that is alarming … and when it comes to analysing law and statute, well, you wonder how that can possibly be being done properly.

One of the foundational principles of modern multicult mythology is the impartiality of the law. People of diverse backgrounds, beliefs and customs can come together successfully “as long as they obey the law”. The law is seen as the binding, integrative force that screens out unimportant differences.

But what if the apparatus of state itself, which administers the law, has been infiltrated and corrupted by people who see themselves as ethnic adversaries?

When we see strange decisions taken by governmental authorities, – draconian punishment for patriots and no investigation or prosecution of crimes committed against patriots – this is part of the explanation for what is going on.

This could be analogised to what in computer malware is called a rootkit. A rootkit can attack and infiltrate the fundamentals of the operating system itself, while disguising its own existence. If you suspect something is wrong and try to look for the malicious files or processes, you may be unable to see them because the file manager or process viewer program has been hijacked or even replaced altogether by the rootkit. It is virtually impossible to repair an OS installation that has been damaged in this way. In most cases, the only option available is to zero the hard drive and re-install the operating system from scratch.