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Sargon Vows to Exact Retribution on the Facilitators and Perpetrators of Telford Crimes – England Lives

Sargon Vows to Exact Retribution on the Facilitators and Perpetrators of Telford Crimes

England Lives
March 12th, 2018

Sargon can call himself a centrist or a libertarian all he wants. He is alt-right.

The reality of 21st century politics is that you don’t get to define yourself. The establishment defines you based on whether you point out the horrors of diversity or cover them up. If you cover up the crimes of brown people you will be described as ‘tolerant’ and ‘open-minded’. If you tell the truth about what is going on, then you are a Nazi Alt-Right racist.

You don’t get to pick your own labels any more. You can say what you want about that but anyone who is smart can see that that is the case. When the establishment puts you in that camp, that’s where you are, and that’s where you are staying. There are zero cases of them going “we thought this person was alt-right but we looked into the nuances and actually they are a conservative/libertarian/not racist.” And there never will be any cases of the establishment doing that.

The establishment has decided to put Sargon in that box, so it really doesn’t matter what he says. That’s where he is. If you speak out about their dishonesty and their agenda to destroy the English people (even though Sargon wouldn’t word it that way, that is what he is talking about), they see you as a threat and thus lump you in with all the other threats.

In the same way, Sargon’s whole “I don’t care about the white race” bit, is of no consequence. Obviously, the kikes would prefer he say that than go full fash, but no matter what package he presents his views in, he is someone who is willing to tell the truth about the fact that nothing is being done about rape gangs because brown people are a protected class.

Whether you believe in identity politics doesn’t matter any more.

Whether you believe in right or left doesn’t matter.

Whether you are racist or not doesn’t matter.

They are coming after you anyway and nothing you say about your nuanced views will change that.

The establishment has drawn the battle lines and white people are all on one side of the line together. It is beyond anyone’s power to change that. It’s like scoring an own goal in a football match because you don’t believe the other team is yor enemy, or something. You still lose. But in this battle losing means the death of our race. This battle is bigger than any one of us, and none of us get to exempt ourselves from it. It is befitting of someone like Sargon, who subscribes to the arrogance of individualism, to mistakenly believe that they can define themselves outside of a coming genocide of their own people, and that their ego and nuanced views are enough to exempt them from the situation they were placed into by fate. The rules of the game are what they are. You are where you are. You can’t change what side you are on.

Learn to play the game. You can’t change the rules.