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UK goes Full Gulag: Prevents Speakers who Don’t Praise Invasion from Entering Country – England Lives

UK goes Full Gulag: Prevents Speakers who Don’t Praise Invasion from Entering Country

England Lives
March 12th, 2018

It really is difficult to know what to say about this situation.

I mean, the reaction in the mind of the public is just so obvious.

Everyone in this country is completely sick of diversity and its negative effects. We are sick of nothing being done about paki rape gangs and all sorts of other crime. We are just sick of everything being so shit because all our energy and resources are going into protecting and nurturing hostile brown people who kill us. We are sick of all these problems and yet the government sees fit to stop two very unthreatening activists from entering the UK, as well as Lauren Southern now too.

The public don’t need me to act as an alternative media source on this one. Everyone can see the agenda here and no one needs to be told what it means. It’s out in the open: “We are destroying you, shut up and take it.”

They are preparing to shut down and criminalise all dissenters, in furtherance of their ultimate plan, to turn the UK into one big Rotherham. One big Telford. One big Croydon. Where there are no more leafy suburbs or country villages to retreat to, and every white girl is forcibly enriched by brown scum. If you speak out against it then you are a bad person who needs to be prevented from coming in, and if you are already in then you need to go to prison for question the benefits of rape gangs in England. Brown people who are doing more than 90% of the rapes can come straight in though, the door will always be open to them.