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95% of Illegals get to Stay in Britain – England Lives

95% of Illegals get to Stay in Britain

England Lives
March 13th, 2018

Britain is an island nation. That means that there is not a single place in the world where people don’t have some other option if they are “fleeing a war zone”. There is literally no reason for anyone from anywhere except maybe Iceland, to flee their country for Britain. Let alone crossing over an entire continent of peaceful countries to come to ours.


Fewer than one bogus asylum seeker in ten arriving in the UK from the EU is transferred back, thanks to “completely useless” Brussels rules.

The so-called Dublin III regulations allow EU member-states to deport asylum seekers if they have already passed through another EU country, on the grounds that they should not be in danger in any of them.

However, migrants can only be transferred back to the first EU member-state they arrived in, which is generally impossible to determine if they have not previously been registered and refuse to admit where they arrived themselves.

Oh gosh darn, a loophole. Well I guess Ahmad, Rafiq, and Mohamad will just have to stay. Hope you like kebabs.

These ‘loopholes’ are intentionally set up to allow the population replacement of Europe to happen as quickly as possible. All they have to do is not say where they come from and it’s “okay Ahmad here is your house, next to a school too, have fun!”

This allows France, in particular, to refuse to take back any of the thousands of illegal migrants who cross to Britain from its territory — usually by boarding lorries, stowing away on ferries, and breaking into the entrance to Channel Tunnel near Calais.

Research by the Migration Watch UK think tank indicates that despite making 5,712 transfer requests in 2017, just 314 migrants were actually removed.

Wait so… of the ones they TRIED to deport only 5% were deported. What happens to all the others? Presumably they just aren’t even bothering to request someone else takes them. So in total the number of illegal immigrants who get deported is MUCH lower than 5%.

If I know the British government (I do), then the vast majority are simply allowed to live here illegally and no more is said about it. The VAST majority.

Meanwhile, 461 migrants were transferred to the United Kingdom, under Dublin regulation provisions which allow EU countries to move supposed asylum seekers on to another EU member-state if they have family members who have already established a beachhead there.

Great, so because your Uncle/Cousin/Brother/all three-in-one already invaded us and has a good business pimping out white girls in the local area, that justifies you coming here and adding to the problem?

Fuck me, everyone in our government is a traitor!

The day cometh…

“These figures suggest that the Dublin agreement has become virtually useless for the UK. We have seriously to consider whether its continuation serves British interests,” said Migration Watch UK vice-chairman Alp Mehmet.

We are hearing every day about brown people killing us, robbing us, attacking us, demanding our money, and getting our daughters hooked on drugs and prostituting them to their kind. And you are at the stage where you are ready to ‘consider’ whether this is in ‘British interests’…

The EU is currently preparing an update to the Dublin III rules — Dublin IV — but Migration Watch UK is urging Theresa May to keep Britain out of the bloc’s asylum regime after Brexit, given it is losing out considerably as things stand.

The news comes just weeks after Alaeldien Ahmed, a Sudanese illegal migrant who entered Britain after breaking in the back of a lorry in Calais, was sentenced for killing father-of-four Anthony Banting at a Birmingham tram stop, stabbing him over 50 times in the head, chest, and back in a random attack.

Ahmed was convicted of manslaughter by means of diminished responsibility, after being diagnosed as a paranoid schizophrenic.

I think the time for considering is long past.

When England is on course to look like this in every town in 40 years, ‘considering’ is no longer a thing you can consider.

Here’s the scariest part of this. They don’t count these people in immigration statistics. Because they are illegal it’s as if they are not really here. Although of course they are really here. We know because we can smell them. But the illegals live completely under the radar. And if the government cuts down on the amount of immigrants to whom it gives citizenship, while in the same year illegal migrants more than double, they claim “we have been tough on immigration… check these numbers.”

There are a million and one tricks these people can use to be allowed to stay. If they have a baby they will be allowed to stay. If they can find some guy to pretend to be a relative they will be allowed to stay. If they get put in prison they will then be allowed to stay upon release. If they claim they are persecuted in their home country they will be allowed to stay. And even if they don’t do any of this. They will still probably be allowed to stay.

It’s a joke of a system that might as well not be there. All it does is encourage more of them to try and get in. I’m sick of hearing “it’s the EU, bloody EU, rules and regs, etc. etc. roll on Brexit” It’s not the EU, it’s the traitors in our own government who are owned by the same people the EU is owned by.

Guess who, goyim!

It’s all just a puppet show. A well choreographed dance put on by those in control. Of course I do want us to leave the EU, but that is only one layer of Jewish control. We will still be represented by the same politicians who slavishly follow the Jews’ orders and who are currently doing everything they can to stop us from rebelling against that plan – the same people who do nothing about the migration problem and pander to the anti-white media every day. Leaving the EU won’t solve that problem. Don’t go thinking that Brexit is the answer.

The only Brexit that really counts is exiting from the Jewish plan and rising up against them.