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Telford: Muslamic Ray Guns Was Right – England Lives

Telford: Muslamic Ray Guns Was Right

England Lives
March 13th, 2018

History is littered with tales of men now regarded as great, who went unappreciated in their own time. Today we shine the spotlight on a modern-day Van Gogh, and re-assess the legacy of his moment in the sun.
Way back in early 2011, an interview from an EDL march was remixed into a song that became known as ‘Muslamic Ray Guns’, based on a mishearing of the ‘Muslamic Rape Gangs’ mentioned in the interview.

Lambasted for being educationally subpar, yet able to understand what every smug liberal can’t – the white race is under threat and must be protected.

Although widely derided at the time by shithouse comedians and smug middle-classes types who despise ‘chavs’ (i.e. the white working class in general), Mr Guns preached his message with a simple dignity, and has been subsequently vindicated by history, as case after case emerges of organised Islamic Rape Gangs that have been terrorising towns the length and breadth of our land for as long as there have been Muslim populations present in them.

“Britain to be back British? Lol what a silly proposition. Imagine no rape gangs in England. Pshh. What a fearful oik. Probably been sniffing glue. Thank God there are middle class patriots who know the best thing for Britain is to impose diversity on his class against their will and trust the Jews to fix it.”

One of the few dissenting voices to the tidal wave of sneering smuggery he faced came from a Spiked article, some selected choice quotes of which are below.


But, through this tactic of ridicule, these anti-EDL campaigners are actually revealing the depth of their contempt for people they see as the stupid, uneducated, inarticulate white working classes.

In that context, the ‘Muslamic Ray Gun’ video clip is a kind of porn for liberals. It bolsters their smug sense of superiority, allowing them to dismiss the EDL as a joke, a grouping of the confused and the thick which means it simply isn’t worth engaging with.

“The upshot of this ridiculing of the EDL is that the liberal elite and left-wing campaigners alike will become even more distanced from the genuine concerns of the marginalised working classes in the UK, which are only currently given an outlet through organisations such the EDL. Dismissing such concerns as farcical and treating them with contempt will only serve to bolster people’s sense of isolation and anger. Far from blasting them into ‘infinity and beyond’ this cheap tactic of using ‘Muslamic Ray Guns’ as a weapon against the EDL is far more likely to backfire.”

The people who took this attitude are still silent with each new ‘blessing’ that diversity brings, and they always will be. Yet they had the nerve to laugh at a lad who took a stand.

Even this cautionary piece dealt only with the response to the video, which in itself was purely a response to the tone of the interviewee, and failed entirely to address the issues that our protagonist had raised. Nobody seemed to be asking, “what if he’s right”?

Fast forward to today, and yet more evidence has emerged of yet another Islamic Rape Gang, perhaps the longest running yet, that has been operating in Telford since the 80’s. According to the Mirror’s investigation:


Up to 1,000 children could have suffered in Britain’s worst known abuse scandal – where sex gangs targeted girls as young as 11.

The rape hell of vulnerable young girls in one town – Telford – went on for a shocking 40 years, the Sunday Mirror can reveal.

As many as 1,000 children could have suffered at the merciless hands of perverts and torturers in Telford since the 1980s.

But we are supposed to believe it’s people like Britain First and Tommy Robinson ‘inciting hatred’. The Muslims cause us to hate them by attacking our children! As far as the British government is concerned, the crime is not Pakis targeting kids. The crime is white people trying to stop Pakis from touching kids.

Girls as young as 11 have been lured from their families to be drugged, beaten and raped in an epidemic that, say victims, is still ongoing.

THREE people were murdered and two others died in tragedies linked to the scandal.

In relation to the Police and public bodies that should have prevented this abuse, the Mirror investigation found that:

Social workers knew of abuse in the 1990s but police took a decade to launch a probe.

Council staff viewed abused and trafficked children as “prostitutes” instead of victims, according to previously unseen files.

There has to be intent there. There is no chance they just mistakenly actually believed these girls of 11 and 12 had chosen to become prostitutes. Even if that was possibly the case, they still had a duty to investigate and stop these people! So they have intentionally found a way to brush these cases under the carpet. Why? The answer we keep hearing is ‘because of political correctness’ or ‘fears of accusations of racism’. The truth is darker, even, that that.

Our country has been taken over by people who want this to happen: raped white girls are trophies of their subversion.

Authorities failed to keep details of abusers from Asian communities for fear of “racism”.

There it is. Where does it end if that is the excuse? If it doesn’t end at many thousands of white girls being raped by Pakis, then I do’t want to know where it ends. I just want to stop it.

Police failed to investigate one recent case five times until an MP intervened. One victim said cops tried to stop her finding out why her abusers had not been prosecuted because they feared she would talk to us.

Not wanting to be left behind in terms of complicity and the race to brush this all under the rug, the BBC has limited its online coverage of the issue to a single article buried in the ‘Local News’ section for Shropshire and not promoted at all on the main News page.

Apparently it just doesn’t rate on the women’s issues front compared to the paradigm shifting ‘Girls’ guide to what a ‘normal’ vulva looks like’.

Interestingly, unlike the Mirror and Mail articles, the BBC article contains neither a single use of the words “Asian”, “Pakistani” or “Muslim” in relation to the perpetrators, nor a single use of the word “White” in relation to the abused girls.As if the fact that were it not for diversity, this would not be happening is of no import.

Never fear though, the BBC is equal opportunities in the blind eye it turns to racist crimes against men too, provided they’re white of course, as their coverage of the murders of Kriss Donald and Ross Parker showed.

Breaking News: Everything Remains Fine.

The years have indisputably proven the hero of our piece to be right, and the more time goes by the more prophetic his words appear to have been. He knew the truth about the Islamic Rape Gang epidemic back in 2011, and he wanted something to be done about it. He told all of you big-brained, well-educated folk the truth and you laughed in his face. I wonder if you’re still laughing now? (Yes, they are. –Ed.).

He cared about those girls before any of you knew they existed, and spoke out for them with the only words that he had. He knew why he was there, seven years ago. Where were you that day? Where are you now?

Here’s to you Sir Guns, we at England Lives salute you.