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WELL WELL WELL: Jews Urge Support for Refugee Family Reunions – England Lives

WELL WELL WELL: Jews Urge Support for Refugee Family Reunions

England Lives
March 13th, 2018






Jews supporting the invasion of white lands with non-white enemies and telling us it will all be fine and it’s our moral duty to do it? I must say, it’s a novel idea. I’ll believe it when I see it!


A Jewish human rights group in the UK is encouraging people to contact their MPs ahead of an upcoming parliamentary debate on refugees.

The Jewish Council for Racial Equality (J-CORE) asked supporters to get involved before a debate on a private members’ bill on family reunion on Friday 16 March.

“Unlike most other EU states, the UK does not allow child refugees to apply for even their closest family members to join them,” said J-CORE director Dr Edie Friedman.

Huh. They’ll be shutting down the goyim who know next.

“REMEMBER THE 60 TRILLION, GOYIM?! Well we do, and that’s why we want to save these poor children. We just hate the thought of children suffering persecution.”

– Silence –

“As a result, families are separated and child refugees are forced to grow up in the UK care system, alone and at the expense of local authorities.”

Sweet, lets stop letting them in then. Glad we could have this chat, Shlomo…





Wait, there’s more?!

Oh darn I thought I’d found a solution.

In 2013 and 2014, the Home Office refused around a third of refugee family reunion cases. By 2016, this figure increased to almost two-thirds, meaning that more than 3,500 people were denied the right to live with their families.

Don’t you evil goyim know that if there is a problem anywhere in the world, it is the job of the British to feel bad and ship millions of those people to Britain?!

“Put simply, keeping families apart makes children and parents suffer,” said Friedman, who is working with organisations like the Refugee Council, Oxfam and Amnesty International, tweeting under #FamiliesTogether.

Sweet so let’s just send the kids back to them and then they will be together and we won’t have to put up with rapey Rafiq ruining our country with his smelly kebab cousins. Glad we could hash this out, Herschel…







Wait, you’re not happy with that solution either?

What they showed us:

Let them in! Or this baby will haunt you!

Who actually comes in:

Yes I’m 14, now let my son and pervy uncle in too.

“If you share our desire to give refugee families the chance to rebuild their lives, together, please help by contacting your MP,” she said. “It is important that parliament hears a strong Jewish voice on this issue.”

Why would that be important? Surely in a democracy, what matters is that the majority is heard? Why is it important that the Jews be heard over everyone else?