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The Jews Know that Uncle Jez is Gonna Gas them Just Like Uncle Adolf – England Lives

The Jews Know that Uncle Jez is Gonna Gas them Just Like Uncle Adolf

England Lives
April 3rd, 2018

I’ve been memeing for a while now that Jeremy Corbyn hates kikes and wants to gas them. The funny thing about memes is that sometimes you don’t realise how right you are!


The Labour party has come under intense fire for failing to extinguish “widespread” anti-Semitism within its ranks as a years-long row continues to deepen.

Jeremy Corbyn, the party’s leader, is facing growing pressure from all angles, including from his own MPs, to take firm action to stamp out anti-Semitism within Labour.

Protests over the Labour leaderships’ failure to get a handle on the issue have taken place in the past week after a 2016 internal inquiry was branded a “whitewash”.

Jews at all times have to police politics, because anyone who has any principles whatsoever can see that kikes insist on having one set of rules for themselves and another for everyone else. Corbyn hasn’t allowed them to police his party. He has refused to step down despite the kikes’ best efforts to defame him. And with each passing day his anger grows…

And Mr Corbyn was hit with fresh criticism over his commitment to tackling anti-Semitism on Tuesday after meeting with controversial far-left Jewish group Jewdas.

The Labour leader joined a Passover Seder hosted by Jewdas, a radical group which has faced criticism from mainstream Jewish organisations.

The group has suggested that allegations of anti-Semitism within Labour are a political plot aimed at discrediting the party. It has also described Israel as “a steaming pile of sewage which needs to be properly disposed of”.

In a statement last week, the group accused the Jewish Board of Deputies, Jewish Leadership Council and Jewish Labour Movement of “playing a dangerous game with people’s lives” after they criticised Mr Corbyn for failing to tackle anti-Semitism within his party.

This is an amazingly intelligent move on Corbyn’s part.

He has gone to this ‘Seder’ (who the fuck knows) with these anti-Israeli lefty kikes, knowing what the reaction will be. The Jews kvetch and complain that they were ‘the wrong kind of Jews’ and that this further proves his anti-semitism. This is of course ludicrous. It makes no sense. But that is what they are running with.

People are seeing Jeremy Corbyn criticised for going to a Passover Seder, on the same day that Israel is in the news for turning away African refugees. Corbyn is the chess master of the multiverse.

This kind of mess in the narrative is not something the Jews can afford. They already have enough problems on the right. Corbyn is enacting a pincer movement on them to turn both sides of the disenfranchised populous against the perfidious hidden hand of the Jew. The evidence that he is anti-semitic is ‘he supported a mural that showed bankers oppressing the poor’. The Jews came out and said that was anti-semitic. So, why is it? Is it because the people doing that are Jews? If the people doing it aren’t Jews then you wouldn’t think it was directed at Jews, would you? So that’s a massive own goal. And now this. No one is seeing this stuff on the news and going “you know those Jews seem like a cool bunch of cats, it’s a shame bad things keep happening to them…”

Corbyn knows that if the Jews openly declare themselves to be his enemy, his people are going to stand by him. It’s like Trump with his “I could shoot someone in Times Square” thing. If Corbyn started rounding up Jews, all his supporters would be right there with him.

This man laughs as he sexually assaults women in public.

Mr Corbyn has asked for an urgent formal meeting with the Board of Deputies and the Jewish Leadership Council to discuss tackling anti-Semitism.

Labour also has to deal with a backlog of cases of alleged anti-Semitic behaviour, including deciding whether Ken Livingstone has a future in the party.

Yeah and you’ve got the Ken Livingstone thing, where he stated the historical fact that Hitler tried to kick the Jews out of Germany with a peaceful transfer deal, and got bullycided out of politics and painted as a genocidal anti-semitic maniac. People are not seeing this and going “those Jews are rational, what a rational people.”

More recently, a dossier on abusive, anti-Semitic comments made on Facebook groups used to mobilise supporters of Labour leader Mr Corbyn published by The Sunday Times under the headline: “Jeremy Corbyn’s hate factory”.

It all makes sense now. This isn’t some one-time thing. This is something that has been going on throughout his whole political career. He has been clever not to focus on it too heavily, but in the days of the internet where people can just dig things up with ease, you can see that Corbyn has always hated the kikes and clearly wants to at least strip them of power, if not go the whole hog and round them up into camps.

Think about it.

“For the many, not the few.”

Well, who are the many?

It’s we, the white British who are the majority. We are the many. Corbyn is calling for us to be represented, against the oppression and tricks of the few outsiders who wield power to suit their own advantage. The ‘few’ is organised Jewry who control government for their own people, not the British people. Corbyn’s motto is a call to end the kike occupation of England and restore it back to it’s rightful owners; the many; the English working men.

It is just a matter of time before Jez is seen ‘doing a Traini’ on the streets of London, but from his trademark bicycle of course. It isn’t hard to picture this bloodthirsty man, cackling maniacally to himself as he freewheels round Golder’s Green, machete and shotgun in tow.

Jew children are having nightmares about Jeremy Corbyn being under their bed.

My only worry at this point is that his insatiable rage will not be quenched by the time he is done taking his vengeance on the Jews.

We may have to consider pointing his bike at Israel and just letting him ‘express himself’ until he has had his fill.

The sound of his bloodcurdling chuckle will just get softer and softer as he goes over the desert and into Tel Aviv, and his triumphant yet insane laughter will be masked by the sounds of the many and varied weapons he has in his satchel. Frightening stuff.

Jeremy Corbyn is the leader we’ve been waiting for. He’s been practising his Nuremberg skills on the kiddies at Glastonbury and now he’s just about ready to tell the nation who their ancient enemy really is, and to root him out from his hiding place and make a public example of him.

At this point it’s “Strong and stable paki invasion” versus “One kike in England is one too many”.

I know who has my vote.