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What is Going on with these Brainboxes? – England Lives

What is Going on with these Brainboxes?

England Lives
April 10th, 2018

I know university is a total joke now, and is just a brainwashing factory for the youth and a place for women to go to party and have abortions instead of becoming wives and mothers… but that’s a separate thing.

There are these people who go there because they have massive brains.

They can do things like this:

…but they can’t see that race is a real thing, nor can they see white genocide. Think about that for a sec.

Someone whose brain is capable of making sense of extremely complex things such as calculus and multi-dimensional space, thinks that Taylor Swift and Michelle Obama are the same species.

What sort of person knows the entire periodic table but can’t look at this and think ‘hmmmm…’?

It’s not just a case of memorising a bunch of facts. These brainboxes can comprehend abstract models such as those of mathematics to a degree the average person can’t even comprehend. Like those musicians who can hear a piece of music and write it down later from memory. The brain can, and in the case of these brainboxes, does, do truly incredible things. But they can’t work out that the Jews are lying when they say Hitler turned them all into soap.

This seems legit now back to my Rubik’s cubes and particle accelerators.

Is it that they know but think it’s more important to fanny around Oxford for 50 years and retire than to tell the truth? Do they really think their intelligence is going to be of any use in a fully diverse England?