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Tucker Carlson is Literally the Only Media Figure with his Head Screwed On – England Lives

Tucker Carlson is Literally the Only Media Figure with his Head Screwed On

England Lives
April 12th, 2018


When Jayda Fransen posted videos of Muslims killing people it was “unproven, fake news, Islamophobia, hate crimes.”

When the mainstream media posts some video of a kid using an inhaler, it’s “no proof needed, send in the troops! remove Assad! this is definitely real!”

And everybody knows this is going to escalate tensions with Russia. Why are we even mad at Russia anyway? Why are we even interfering here? None of this makes sense.

Unless it’s…. no it couldn’t be…

Why would our politicians all agree on something that isn’t in our interest? Why would the media give emotional reports of unfounded accusations? It’s almost as if someone is controlling them… but WHO?!

What reason is there for England to go to war with Syria and Russia?! Why should we be anywhere near there? No one is giving any answer except “well we can’t let the Russians and Assad have control.” This bullshit idea of getting involved in wars in the middle east ‘to help people’ is nonsense. It is all about hurting the enemies of Israel. That is all this is.

Why else would EVERYONE be calling for war here without there being ANY proof on the matter?! There is none, yet these cuck politicians are all saying “we must attack”. It’s a classic kike tactic. Make people have an emotional reaction based on a false flag and then get all your puppets to agree on the response instantly, no questions asked. It’s what they have done time and time again in the middle east and EVERY SINGLE TIME it turns out there was no evidence but everyone just got swept along with the Jew media and the politicians did the will of their Jew owners.

Their is only one man in politics who is openly saying “we don’t have any evidence on this and the whole idea of ousting Assad is stupid.” And that man is currently fighting for his career over accusations of anti-semitism.

Coincidence? I think not.

He is one of very few politicians with the balls to do what he thinks is right, not what the Jews tell him he must do. And he is being attacked for that. Anyone with their head screwed on can see that:

a) This attack obviously wasn’t done by Assad, he has no motive to gas his own people.
b) There is nothing to be gained by interfering.
c) World War III will start if we don’t stop this silly nonsense.

And yet EVERY politician supports going into Syria without any reason to believe Assad did this and despite the obvious risk that conflict escalation poses to the British public and military forces.

It’s the same with the Skripal poisoning hoax. Theresa was slamming her fist trying to look tough, and Corbyn was attacked by the media for not wanting to start a nuclear holocaust with Russia over one spy, when we don’t even know who did it! All the hallmarks of a hoax.

This has happened so many times that it’s boring now. There is no credible intelligence, but the media say ‘trust us goyim this is what happened’ and politicians all say ‘well we need to respond to this with firm action…’ and then you have another country ruined, ready for ISIS to take over, hundreds of thousands of civilian casualties, several hundred dead British servicemen, billions spent, all for…?