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PROOF: Syrian Terrorists Teaching Children to Fake Gas Attacks – England Lives

PROOF: Syrian Terrorists Teaching Children to Fake Gas Attacks

England Lives
April 15th, 2018

The terrorist rebels in Syria know that if America had left that would have been the end of the uprising for them. Assad had basically won outright a week ago. So what do you do when faced with that situation?

You do the thing that never fails to get America involved: GAS BABY MEME!

“A sad baby? Turn the planes around… We’re going back.”

I think there has been more than a little collusion with Israel here, too. I suspect Israel gave them the idea and told them that doing this would get America back in and increase the mist of war. And when that happes the rebels fare a lot better, they are more able to traffic guns and people, and Assad is essentially fighting on two fronts, and is pretty much fucked. The mist of war also allows Israel to do more of their dastardly shit, like encroaching on Syria’s land and supplying weapons to the rebels.

But yeah, Assad did this.

How stupid do they think we are?!