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BBC Celebrates Britain’s ‘Mixed Race Identity’ – England Lives

BBC Celebrates Britain’s ‘Mixed Race Identity’

England Lives
May 16th, 2018


The British Brainwashing Corporation is going full ‘omg yay’ over an English Prince marrying a spear-throwing sheboon. The Jews at the BBC are determined to wipe out British identity so wall to wall false-happiness must be projected into the minds of the people.

This is sorta how they work. They just tell you over and over again “THIS IS BRILLIANT AND THE WHOLE COUNTRY THINKS SO.”

So you go “shit, I’m not gonna be the one loser in the country who questions this. That would be like questioning the holocaust or diversity or any of the other things that I’m told are so important to Britain” and then everyone goes out in public pretending to agree with what they think is a genuine majority. We are pack animals. Jews take advantage of that by giving positive coverage to things like faggot weddings and race-mixing so you think “oh, I guess we all care about faggots now for some reason” and then signal in public to show we are moral people.

Jewish tricks, yaknow. So here is an article praising mixed-race people who for some reason have chosen a white (for now) country to live in, despite the fact that there are non-white nations all over the globe where they can go and leave us the fuck alone.


My name is Nora Fakim and I was born and raised in a leafy suburb of London.

My mum is from Morocco and my dad was from Mauritius, of Indian descent.

I’ve had the question “Where are you from?” my whole life – not only in the UK but also in Morocco and Mauritius.

Often people just can’t place me. They can’t figure out if I am African, Arab or British.

They wonder if I am kind of Asian and why I speak fluent French.

And then the name Nora doesn’t help.

As a reporter, I’ve been speaking to lots of people of mixed heritage who, like myself, have been trying to figure out how they straddle their different cultures and fit into a particular community.

Many of them say that one of the most frustrating things is defining their ethnic group. When it comes to filling out official forms, for example, there doesn’t seem to be a box that they feel truly represents their identity.

On the census form, I tend to tick “mixed other” – otherwise known as “moth” – which I don’t think really sums me up.

No, it doesn’t. “Unwanted brown rat” would be far more accurate.

Meghan Markle – whose mother is African-American and father Dutch-Irish – has spoken of leaving her identity box blank when she was in school. Her father suggested that she should draw her own box.

Take a look at the box I’ve created, along with six other people, to celebrate where we come from.

The dodo I’m pictured with is too big to fit in the box. The bird is a symbol of Mauritius and became extinct in the 17th Century. Mauritius is a multicultural society with a deep history and mixture of cultures.

Jessica Diamond
Half Irish, half Jamaican

T’b’sure this nigress is as Irish as Paddy O’Reilly himself!

My items demonstrate the quirks and the colours of my identity. They tell part of my story, and being mixed race is just one of them.

I’m a real bookworm and the books in my box are provocative in their exploration of some of the pertinent issues I face on a daily basis. Why I’m No Longer Talking to White People About Race explores the realities Black British people face through a socio-cultural and historical lens in a clear and unapologetic manner. This belongs on the bookshelves of every British household.

Ethan Boachie-Barrance
Half white English, half Ghanaian

They have to specify “half WHITE English” because “don’t you know English could mean a Pakistani who lives here you BIGOT?!”

They don’t have to say “black Ghanaian” because those guys are allowed their own identity. But ‘English’ must be an umbrella that includes Pakis, Nogs, whoever else wants to live here, and white English. Actually that last one can probably go.

When it comes to race and identity, I believe the problem is that we as a society worry about it too much.

Easy for you to say, champ. You have the luxury of thinking that way. You have whole countries full of brown rats like you who aren’t being invaded by hostile spongers. Us whites don’t have the luxury of “not worrying about it”. In fact if we don’t START worrying about it really soon, we won’t have any areas left at all where we are the majority, so we will just be bred out of existence.

The kente cloth was my great-grandmother’s – she raised my grandmother and looked after my mum for a short time. It’s a symbol of family and my Ghanaian heritage. The necklace also represents that side of me. It has a cowry shell on it, which was once used as money in West Africa.

Devon Fisher-Aziz
Half white English, half Pakistani


As I grow older, I feel closer and closer to my Pakistani culture. But having grown up in London my whole life, I remain close to my English culture too.

That may well be because your Paki ‘culture’ is coming here to us, as Britain becomes a nation of brown sludge.

The Spice Girls were a huge part of my fashion choices and role models growing up. I wrote my final year dissertation on the Spice Girls and the “candy bubble gum feminism” they represent. I identify hugely with the Girl Power movement.

Explain to me why this creature deserves to live. Protip: you can’t.

The elephants represent the way in which I feel the most close to Pakistan, through the vibrancy and colourfulness of the culture and fashion. I’ve always had “Pakistani taste” according to my family and it’s something I love.

Well fret not, darling. That vibrancy is on the increase as more Pakis flood in.

Bilal Khan
Half black Asian mixed Jamaican, half Kenyan of Indian descent

As Britain is becoming increasingly diverse, we need to give spaces to the stories of people who represent the changing face of the nation. The fast-growing mixed-race population is no longer just mixed black and white – it’s broader than that, it’s also the people who are officially defined as “mixed other” on a document.



Plantain and seasoning represents my Jamaican heritage. I use coconut curling cream every day. I have very long hair and that’s an important part of my identity. I also use cocoa-butter daily on my skin.

Nigger confirmed.

Colleen Khan
Bilal’s mother – mixed black, Asian and Jamaican

I really don’t have anything to add to this one…

Being of mixed heritage is a positive thing for me. I get the insight into both cultures. It enriches my life and as Bob Marley once said: “If you know your history, then you would know where you’re coming from.”

Yeah I think there was Austrian painter who said something similar but we aren’t allowed to talk about him. Why is it when a greaasy-dreadlocked weed-stinking nigger says it it’s “omg much deep very wow”?

I chose plantain because it reminds me of Jamaica.

The Jamaican curry powder is a typical traditional spice in my heritage because when the indentured Indians went to Jamaica, their food influenced the island. It is also blended with Jamaican-grown spices. And that is how much I am blended!

I have included the scarf I use to cover my head when I am with my husband’s Muslim family – it also protects my neck from the cold English weather.

The kanga cloth from Kenya is part of my identity, with Africa being in my DNA.

Yes, it is. So kindly piss off back there. England is in MY DNA so I’m quite keen not to dishonour MY ancestors by giving it over to, whatever the fuck you are. I can’t even tell. I just know I don’t want it in England.

Notice how for all of them, their so-called British identity consists in things that remind them that they aren’t British. It’s always like “and here is some book I read that says whites are evil and immigrants are morally superior” or “here is the traditional goat testicle from my Kenyan mother’s tribe’s fertility ritual.”

AYO, why have you got to be in Britain at all then? Just leave and take your goat testicle with you.

According to the BBC kikes, British identity means having as much non-British identity as possible.

That and hostility towards those who want British identity to remain it’s own thing.

Welcome to the Jewnited Kingdom.