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English Police tell English People not to Fly English Flag for World Cup – England Lives

English Police tell English People not to Fly English Flag for World Cup

England Lives
May 16th, 2018


No that’s not a fake headline. It’s not even a “cleverly worded to make it sound more shocking than it actually is” headline.

This is really happening.


British Police have told English football fans going to the World Cup in Russia to not wave or display the St George flag, claiming it could be seen as “imperialistic” and “antagonistic”.

Up to 10,000 England fans are expected to travel to Russia next month, along with a small force of UK police to help keep them safe.

The head of football policing Deputy Chief Constable Mark Roberts argued the St George’s Crosses were seen as the top trophies for rival fans and ultras, as well as appearing to link them to the history of the British Empire.

“I think people need to be really careful with flags. It can come across as almost imperialistic… and can cause antagonism,” he told The Times.

Well guess what, dickhead. We are proud to be English and proud of our flag. So if that makes us proud to be imperialists, so be it.

Does this fanny think about how it comes across telling your own people not to fly their country’s flag for fear of offending… fuck knows who?! What impression does that give off of us?

“We really urge some caution about people putting flags out and waving them about in public, there is a bit of risk when people draw attention to themselves and people need to be aware of that.

“We would not expect people to come across to this country, get drunk and drape flags on the Cenotaph so we need to extend the same courtesy when we go abroad and treat places with due reverence.”

He added: “The Cross of St George, with whatever team on it, becomes the trophy of choice.”

Following clashes between Russia and England fans at the 2016 European Championship in Marseille, Russian ultras proudly posted images on social media of “captured” England flags.

This is NOT about the Russians, and it’s NOT about football violence. It’s about telling the English they have no right to celebrate their existence or their nation.

It’s banned at a football match today, but soon it will be banned altogether, as a “symbol of imperialism”.

Meanwhile, Kevin Miles, chief executive of the Football Supporters’ Federation, argued that England fans should respect other cultures as to how visitors would be expected to respect the UK.


He said: “Some of them have particularly strong opinions about how people in Britain should adopt to our way of life and the corollary of that when we go somewhere else then you have to respect their culture.”

But the English aren’t allowed to have that opinion. It’s wrongthink and they are sent on diversity training or to the fockin slamma if they somehow think our way of life should be respected. So how can that standard be held to them when they go abroad?

This is a dumb move by the Jews. They are giving us a symbol to wield that they know the whole country loves – it’s flag. That symbol now belongs to us again. And kikes, we gladly receive it.

I for one do not give a shit about our team of half-castes and prettyboys’ performance in the world cup. But I’m going to put a flag of St George up in my window to show what an ‘imperialist’ I am.

Nowadays St. George would be arrested for possession of an unlicensed lance and refusal to continue sacrificing children to appease the dragon.