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Listen Here MotherFuckaz, and Listen Good: It’s YANNY – England Lives

Listen Here MotherFuckaz, and Listen Good: It’s YANNY

England Lives
May 16th, 2018


What sort of faggot hears laurel?


This is the way the world ends. Not with a bang but a “laurel”. Or a “yanny”. No one can decide.

A widely shared audio clip has divided the internet into two warring tribes – those who hear “yanny” and those who hear “laurel”.

The rival factions, the Yannies and the Laurels let’s say, have been locked in a bitter battle for aural supremacy since at least Monday, when Reddit user RolandCamry – the anonymous harbinger of internet meltdown – posted the clip online.

After the video migrated to Twitter, the armies’ numbers swelled. In the last 24 hours, “yanny” has been mentioned more than 310,000 times. The Laurels are currently edging it with closer to 330,000 uses of the word.

Model Christine Teigen – who better to lead the Laurels into battle? – nailed her colours to the mast with a swipe at the Yannies.

“It’s so clearly laurel,” she roared to her 10 million followers, possibly all the while bedecked head to toe in chain mail of gleaming bronze.

“I can’t even figure out how one would hear yanny,” she continued.

Lining up alongside her, one Stephen Fry – broadcaster, British national treasure and Laurel fo’ life.

“I’m puzzled that anyone can hear – I hear very clearly. It’s not visual like the McGurk effect (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G-lN8vWm3m0 )– O can’t even begin to hear

Confirmed degenerates hear laurel.

So we can all agree to disagree. Even this lot.

No fuck you. We can agree it’s yanny.

I’m predicting that they will discover a definite positive correlation between hearing ‘Laurel’ and being a faggot.

Yanny is a good masculine word. A powerful word. An imperialist word.

Laurel is a disgusting utterance, clearly only audible to soykin, kiddyfiddlers, and feminist uglies.