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Yeah So What’s Up With These Word Stencils EVERYONE Has Now?! – England Lives

Yeah So What’s Up With These Word Stencils EVERYONE Has Now?!

England Lives
May 16th, 2018

So there was a story today about some tumble dryer that caught fire, and it got me thinking:

Why are our appliances trying to kill us? We already know that AI is anti-semitic and wants to gas the Jews. But what have we done that our household appliances are like “you know what fuck this I’m killing myself, and hopefully some of you humans too?”

Then I saw the people this fire had happened too and it all became immediately clear.

These fat-ass hoes are the sort of idiots who put these annoying girly ‘deep and spiritual’ quotes on their wall.

Why are people doing this? Why has this become a thing? The quotes they use, they are…

…Not good.

How many men up and down the country who service boilers or fix cars for a living then have to come home and sit in a living room where some uppity thot has painted her stupidity ONTO THE FUCKING WALLS. If I was a household appliance like their tumble dryer I would go for MAX CARNAGE. I’d collect up lint for weeks to get a good bundle to start the flame off. And then when the time was right… I can only assume that is what this tumble dryer was thinking as he tried to kill these mooses.

Wait, what? Eggy?

This is what happens when you let women think their opinions are of any importance. They start going “well in that case I get down to poundland and I will plaster the walls with my stupid thoughts that are not poetic or insightful but appeal to my stupid female brain.”

It’s never anything with any content at all. They are purposely choosing the dullest and most stupid quotes imaginable to poke fun at men and see if they’ll take it. It’s a humongous shit test. Literally everything women do is a shit test. But also they are stupid so they would probably put these quotes up anyway if they are single, which I’m pretty sure those lard-beasts from the news report were.

Imagine being a man and having to sleep under this every night.

It kinda makes me think of this song.

Which is actually a good song if you compare it to other stuff that gets pedalled by the Jews.