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HAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA! Greek Pro-Refugee Mayor Attacked in the Street by Patriots – England Lives

HAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHA! Greek Pro-Refugee Mayor Attacked in the Street by Patriots

England Lives
May 21st, 2018

Look at what these people are forcing us to live through. Look at the lies they tell. Look at the way they uphold the Jewish plan to exterminate the people they are supposed to be defending and working for. Do even normies believe they don’t deserve this?!

It is a physical impossibility that this kind of thing doesn’t become extremely common. People’s anger is growing. There is no way to stop it without removing the source of the anger, which is how shit people’s lives have become. And there is no way to improve that without tackling the diversity problem. And there is no way to tackle that without dealing with the fact that your politicians are actively working with the Jews to help brown hordes replace you.

There is no possible way for this not to happen more and more as people feel more and more desperate and hopeless and are continually told “shut up! you have white privilege!” as their children become less and less safe, and their lives become less and less secure, and their countries crumble into chaos around them.

In other words, if I were advising a Jew or a politician at this moment in time, I would honestly tell them to retire and go live on an island in a tropical part of the country, far, far away from Europe. I would tell them that for their own safety, because it doesn’t take a genius to see that when you psychologically abuse people as society does to whites now, and when you systematically replace white people as the current system does, at some point they are going to look to teach the system a lesson and end it’s reign of terror.

This weak faggot getting carried away by his minders will not have any friends on that day. One by one his defenders will desert him for their own safety. The Jews won’t be there for these goy politicians then. Then you will see the unleashing of anger like the world has never seen before, on this mayor and all his kind.

There’s just no way that can not end up happening as an effect of what they are continually doing to us.