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Ireland All Set to Vote on Whether Killing Babies is a Human Right – England Lives

Ireland All Set to Vote on Whether Killing Babies is a Human Right

England Lives
May 21st, 2018

If you want evidence of how insane our society is now, think of the following. We are being replaced by foreign hordes and told to like it and adapt to their ways – we NEVER got a vote on this and no politician will even talk about stopping this from happening. But when it comes to killing babies…

Suddenly there is a debate to be had. We are actually discussing whether we have a right to kill babies. And people are viewing it as some kind of landmark moment of progress – the swiftly-coming day when we finally give women the right to kill their babies.

As a very heavily Catholic and traditional country, Ireland has been one of the last to be injected with this particular poison. But of course, religion, tradition, and everything else we once held sacred MUST fall to the Jewish plan, wherein white women have as few babies as possible, and the ones who manage to make it to their birth end up being raised in some confusing gender experiment and are attacked for their white privilege their entire lives and forced to serve zog and cheer for their own demise.

Picture these whores cheering and celebrating if Ireland votes ‘yes’ and try not to rage.


From Berlin to Toronto, Maastricht to Los Angeles and London, Irish citizens based all over the world will be flocking home this week to vote in what looks set to be a knife-edge abortion referendum.

Cambridge, Oxford, London and Nottingham universities have opened up bursaries to help students fly to Ireland for the historic poll on Friday, while elsewhere voters have got funding from friends and family to make their voice heard.

“I feel so strongly about this. I want my vote counted,” said Amy Fitzgerald, 38, who recently migrated to Canada. Her husband surprised her with a birthday present of a €1,200 return ticket home to vote yes to rid the Irish constitution of a controversial 1983 amendment that in effect made abortion illegal.

“I’ve a friend who had an abortion years ago and she didn’t tell anyone. All my pregnancies were happy ones, but I just do not understand why it’s any of my business or anyone else’s to force women to do what she had to do or that they had go through this on their own and in silence,” she added.

Kieran McNulty, a postgrad student in the London School of Economics, is also booked to go home. “In studying law in Trinity in Dublin, I realised how difficult it was, because of the constitution, to make the law more compassionate.”

Referring to the thousands of women who have to travel to the UK for abortions every year, he added: “We can’t just keep shoving women over to Liverpool. We have to face up to reality and anything I can do to influence the outcome I will do. That’s why I’m going home. If the no campaign won on one vote, I would feel terrible.”

The referendum will be one of the toughest tests faced by the Irish taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, since he came to power a year ago. He is under pressure to deliver a decisive yes to remove the near-total abortion ban from the constitution and leave decisions on the matter to parliament, as in the UK. The eighth amendment protects “the right to life of the unborn”, and means legal abortion is impossible in Ireland, even in cases of rape or fatal foetal abnormality.



Bláithín Carroll, 21, a yes supporter, has had her travel funded by an Irish citizen who had lost his right to vote after living out of Ireland for too long. “I set up a GoFundMe page and somebody was kind enough to give me some cash to get home,” she said.

These insane women are so egotistical that they think they can just demand the right to take a human life that is growing inside them. “Like, omg guys, it’s 2018! Let me murder babies already! Get with the times!”

Look at this ‘liberated’ wannabe-murderer. If a man looked like this and he was campaigning for something to do with ending human life, they’d be calling him a twisted psycho who had sick ulterior motives. But cos it’s women, you go girl! Kill that baby!

They always use the “yeah but what about rape tho” bullshit excuse. They always do that and get you to go “huh, I guess I wouldn’t wanna raise a rape-baby either” and then they go “right girls form an orderly queue, let’s kill those babies!” and have suddenly forgotten that their argument hinged on rape.

They start you off by making you feel sorry for the woman. Poor dear, she was raped. Yeah but what about the baby though?! Nah, we don’t mention that. That’s just a little inconvenience, we’ll soon get rid of it. The woman is the victim here.

In 99.99% of rape cases, the woman either wasn’t raped at all or bears some responsibility for how the situation developed. Bitches want equality but then want to have a god-given right to kill babies rather than face up to their irresponsible decisions.

If you want to know just how evil women are under the Jewish brainwashing of our current society, just reflect on the fact that they are DEMANDING the right to kill innocent, helpless babies. They aren’t even pretending that it’s about disabled kids or rape-babies. They don’t even try very hard to kike you with those lines any more. It’s just “I AM WIMMYNZ HEAR ME ROAR LOL I’M SO RANDOM LOOK AT MY DOGGY EARS IN THIS PIC LET ME KILL KIDS U OPPRESSIVE MEN.”